The best food places to visit chees and wine

Smelly cheese and rank sausages?

Live like a local. The best local food places to visit.

Things to try and some to avoid.

One of the best things about holidaying in France is the amazing food and drink. Here are a few of the best local food places to visit on your holiday at Les Rivieres.

Live like a local to ensure you have a FABULOUS French holiday.

3 Bars to choose from!

Firstly don’t miss the Relais d’Argentine Bar. Daniel makes the best Expresso and always offers a warm welcome. A typically French no-frills bar, offering wholesome dishes for truck drivers and tourists alike.

Second, support our Dee Dee, 90 years young in her little bar in Champagne or third visit the Cluzeau de La Rochebeaucourt, unusually decorated like the caves nearby. Fresh pizza and a cold beer on the terrace anyone?


Coffee and fresh croissants

Who doesn’t love a warm croissant! Our Boulangerie in La Rochebeaucourt (2km) serves delicious crusty baguettes, scrumptious fruit tarts and chocolatines. Can deliver!

The Big Shop!

You will inevitably have to stock up on all those essentials! The supermarket in Villebois Lavalette (5km) is even open on Sunday morning!

Wine and Spirits

Our amazing hidden gem and one of the best kept local secrets is the wine shop in Mareuil (5km). Thierry is a mine of information on all things alcoholic!
Pineau is the local tipple and an off-shoot of the Cognac industry nearby.

things to try on your holiday

Local Specialities

The Perigord Vert region is renowned for its walnuts, truffles, ducks, and geese. The production of Foie Gras is a controversial practice. You will find tins and jars in most shops alongside goose and pork products. Delicious spread thickly on a fresh baguette.

local perigord delicacies

Local Markets

There is a timeless charm about wandering around a market taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the local produce. The sleepy charming villages of Villebois Lavalette and Riberac come alive with weekly markets. A Snail fair, truffle, and wild mushroom markets are also held throughout the season.

Lazy lunches and smoking hot Barbeques

What makes a good sausage? A chunky Toulouse or more refined chipolata. Don’t make our mistake of trying the Andouillette, even the dog wouldn’t eat them!! One to avoid!!

Bon Appetit!!

We hope that these tips for the best local food places help you to plan your holiday all within 5km of Les Rivieres.

Heres a great cocktail recipe to try, with gin or cognac, squeeze of lemon topped up with champagne, a great aperitif to get the party started.

A French 75

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